Basement Recordings

by Nerve Damage

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Recorded by myself in my basement


released August 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Nerve Damage New Brunswick, New Jersey

Silky smooth jams written for your grandma and her beautiful soul

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Track Name: MaryJane
Sticky icky Mary Janex3
You smell so sweet like citrus rain
You leave me so quick, leave me feeling the same
Its pains me Mary you light my flame

One day I’m gonna tame this dame I know I’ll find her
I’ll hold her in a jar and give her all my love my kinda
I paid so much to get to you I’ll never let go again
Ill toke the sky and pass the byes I’ll never be your friend

Cause you’re sexy but you know damn well
All the boys on the block want to rock your bell
Your fine ass curves to your bright yellow hair
I’m a slave to you Mary no girl on earth like you can care

I care for you so deep; I can’t stand... when you are gone
I don’t withdraw from you; you stick to the insides of my bong
Beam sweet dreams to me sweet sour Delilah
A yellow haze trapped in for days the daze the blaze my eyes they glaze

Like donuts and the cupcakes that fill my gut
You feed me food endlessly it’s never enough
You’re the one I always need, I want to plant your seed
Can’t you see that you’re perfect, why do they call you a weed?
Track Name: CSBTPMF (Acoustic)
Youre a cock shit bitch tit pussy motherfucker
Youre a cock shit bitch tit pussy motherfucker
Youll never meet the expectations of your brother
Youre a cock shit bitch tit pussy motherfucker

All your dissapointments are your fault
You stood aside watched them fall apart
You blame others and others, when you should be blaming yourself
But the pride you have still swells and grows you gloat like no one else

Youre a fucking hag who swags and gags on mags made of lead
Youre a bitch snitch motherfucking ignorant piece of shit
Youre a product of society, who’s mirror is their diety
Youre a waste of space without a face, youre Satan

Youre a cock shit bitch tit pussy motherfucker
Youre a cock shit bitch tit pussy motherfucker
And I scream it while I give it to your mother
Youre a cock shit bitch tit pussy motherfucker
Track Name: Basement session January
Body On Fire
Whiskey Dreams
Pizza Pie
I know that you dont like me
Get up
Killing Me
Swimming through the shade
Take my Life
Dont feed jimmy
Bike Lock