The Free EP

by Nerve Damage

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A big thank you to all of our wonderful fans and friends who come out to our shows and support our music. We're only going to get better and this is the starting point. Huge thanks to LogicPaws studios with Stitch and Glenn in the Poconos. They recorded us for free in return for exposure and to try out their new and amazing recording room so check them out at: and record your album there. We love you all. But fuck stacy, she's a bitch.


released July 29, 2016

Ben Carlsen - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Downey - Drums, Vocals
Nicholas Spidermann Winship - Bass, Gang Vocals

Stitch Pugliese - Mix Engineer



all rights reserved


Nerve Damage New Brunswick, New Jersey

Silky smooth jams written for your grandma and her beautiful soul

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Track Name: Not in Control
Media blackouts, while the streets are marched
Backroom deals, Swept into the dark
The fattest wallets, swing the the heaviest bribes
Lining senators jackets with reasons to lie

The maestros stand, on proletariat tombs
Democrats, hide their hidden thrones
Oligarchs, swing their skeleton keys
While the innocent starve in the land of the free


Puppets strung by bribes rule Countries built on lies
Our fathers died for liberty, muffle our cries oligarchy x2

OoOo We're not in control x2

Talk shows turn, the middle class on the poor
Lockheed sends, our strongest sons off to war
Hollywood pours, bleach onto our eyes
Subdue the masses, with terrorist guise

Scream all you want, you gotta pay to play
In this twisted game, you vote and then you pray
Resources are prey, turn this whole world gray
The common tragedy destroyed the commons today


Puppets strung by bribes rule Countries built on lies
Our fathers died for liberty, muffle our cries oligarchy x2

OoOo We're not in control x2

They own the system, No compromise xa lot
They own the system, One day we'll rise

We’re born loud and hungry with dreams tween our ears
And we pledge to false promises year after year
But now we’re angry and the congress should fear
I’m not in control but my vote is my spear
They fire their interests through platinum guns
But millions of arrows can blot out the sun x2
Track Name: You Want Me
I see you looking at me
I see the look in your eyes the subconscious plea
You just want a piece of me
But you’ve got to play your hand if youre going to succeed

You want to suck me off
You want to get soaking wet
You want to shove my head between your legs, make me your pet

You want to make me a man
You want to baste my ham
Cook me in your betty crocker, girl I see your plan

By this point in the song youre bound to be horny
and guys you too but I don’t bat for the ponies
I think with 2 heads, that’s how I see through this scheme
No orgies tonight, I won’t spend all tomorrow cleaning

You want to suck me off
You want to make me your slave
You want to look into my eyes, press your thighs against my thighs, you misbehave

You want to tickle my gooch
Want me to munch on your cooch
You want to peg me, flip me over, call for backup, tag teaming with your pooch

You’re a sick little girl, but you’re not the only one
There’s a little pornstar in us all that just wants to have fun
But yours in coming out and it wants to tango with me
Me, you and your desires, that makes three

You want to suck me off
You want to be my biggest fan
You want to ride me like a v8 baby, make me your ram

You want to make me a man
Cram cranberry sauce up my dam
Cover all of my bases, girl you want the grand slam
Track Name: KGB
Could it be KGB, They’ve never cracked a smile
Could it be KGB, Black coat, teeth filed
Could it be KGB, Appearing out of snow
Could it be KGB, who’s selling me blow

I hope I don’t die cause the KGB’s selling me blow
Track Name: Wanderlust
I can’t keep in touch
Ripped through life I want to be tossed
Come find me I want to be lost

I want to be LOST! X4

Don’t slow down my past will catch me
Keep on moving and dreaming but don’t flee
Pray for happiness in the routine
Been running since nineteen always absentee, I choose to feel comforts for free

so get Lost!
I just want to get Lost! X3

Im leaving but I’ll never say goodbye
My homes are homes are homes till the day that I die
Ill never stop running to stay, to stay is to cry
And maybe one day ill bring you a long for the ride

So get Lost!
I just want to get Lost! X3
So Get Lost! X4